Human Decontamination Line

The purpose of the human decontamination line is to clean people of harmful emissions, such as gases or other similar emissions.

The human decontamination line is implemented inside a standard sized cargo container (6 meters). The container has the necessary “building technologies” to heat and store the necessary water for washing, collecting water waste, and heating the space. The container produces the electricity needed to run the decontamination line. Shower facilities and undressing and dressing areas are included in the system.

The decontamination line was originally designed for military use, but it is well suited for security services and chemical industry uses as well. The capacity of the system is 60 persons per hour.


Field Laboratory

Field laboratories are used in analyzing emissions. Field laboratories can be build in a container, vehicle or a trailer. The space is equipped to analyze chemicals or biological substances or with both capacities in one trailer. The laboratories are equipped with the necessary analytical equipment. Laboratories feature state-pressurization, NBC protection, and operational self-sufficiency for electricity and water supply.


Decontamination Trailer

The trailer was constructed for the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens, it is a decontamination trailer that allows cleansing people of contaminations caused by a fallout. The trailer is equipped with a water tank, waste water bag, water heater, generator, undressing, dressing and shower tents, and necessary accessories, like decontamination sprays.


Hot Air Decontamination System

Hot air decontamination system is designed and manufactured for cleansing clothing, battle equipment, weapons, filters or other materials that can temporarily withstand temperatures of +170C° from biological or chemical substances (BC substances). The container has the necessary equipment for reaching and maintaining the temperature, and is therefore capable of functioning independently.


Decontamination shower

Decontamination shower is intended for cleaning and disinfecting protective clothing that has been contaminated with chemicals:  

  • The frame is made of rubber-coated air arches, base and walls can be detached if necessary 
  • Fast and easy to erect, no need to fasten individual elements, the entire structure goes up at once  
  • Compressor or a compressed air bottle can be used to provide the compressed air needed to erect the structure
  • 8 shower heads and a pressure hose, can be connected to a pressure washer 
  • Maximum water amount is 12 liters per minute
  • Also a model with three showers 


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