Equipment Shelter CL-400

The equipment shelter is insulated and mechanically EMP-dampened container. The steel framed container’s corner fittings are ISO-standardized for easy handling. Sturdy construction provides protection, for example against vandalism.

The shelter can be tailored to suit the customer’s needs, for example with the following functions: electrification, ventilation system, heating, cooling, NBC filtration, and automatic sprinklers.

More information:

EMP attenuation level 200kHz - 20GHz: 70dB (MIL-STD285)

Operating conditions:

  • Temperature -40ºC - +55ºC
  • Humidity 10...90%


  • Outside measurements (P x L x K) 2991 x 2348 x 2348 mm
  • Inside measurements (P x L x K) 2700 x 2150 x 2100 mm


  • Own weight 2500 kg
  • Total weight 4000 kg


Air-conditioned cabinet CL-RACK

Cabinet equipped with its own cooling, heating and secured power supply. Can be used in applications where temperature variations are large and which are susceptible to vibration. Example applications: power engine containers, equipment facilities, vehicles.

The cabinet is designed to work in very cold and warm conditions. Its operating temperature range is -40 °C- +45 °C.

Technical Specifications:

Outside measurements

  • 19” cabinet 1300x600x1000mm
  • Refrigerating machine 500x600x800mm

Cabinet body insulated

  • Armaflex

Vibration absorption

  • Cable dampers


  • Refrigerator unit CL-30 
  • Cooling capacity 3,2 kW 
  • Adjustable thermostat control


  • Heating power, operating 1850W 
  • Heating power, storage 300W 
  • Adjustable thermostat control

Electrical system

  • Operating use AC400 V 3-stage, 50Hz 
  • Storage use AC230 V 1-stage, 50Hz

Uninterruptible power supply for system devices

  • UPS 3KVA

Power distribution within the cabinet, with own distribution centre, with: 

  • Temperature control with light indicators 
  • Adjustable safety limits for overheating and overcooling. Shuts down system equipment if temperature ascends or descends outside set limits.


  • Cross-connect panel RK300 in the back of the cabinet
  • Fiber-optic connections
  • Ethernet connections
  • Electricity connections


Transmitter Container

If needed, the transmitter container can be sized to be longer than regular sea freight container, so transportability using standard means of transport can be maintained. The transmitters in the container can, if necessary replace fixed TV-transmitters. The heat-load caused by the transmitters is eliminated using particularly efficient cooling.


Maintenance and workshop spaces

The containers can be equipped for wide range of different uses, for example, they can function as repair workshops, storage facilities, break rooms, changing rooms and shower facilities or as office spaces.

The container can be equipped with different handling options:

  • Demountable platform (if desired, can be inside or outside the container’s measurements)
  • Hooklift connection (if desired, can be inside or outside the container’s measurements)
  • Cable demountable platform fastenings
  • Forklift pockets
  • ISO corner fittings 

Containers are built and equipped in accordance with the customer’s needs. Surface treatment according to the customer’s own graphic look. The sizing in accordance with standard sea container 10’, 20’ or 40’, or a special sizing.



Hotel quality accommodations for two people, built using two containers. Fast and easy to set up on top of pillars on site, if necessary, the structure can be relocated. Features are tailored to customer’s specifications, for example: 

  • toilet and shower module
  • infrared sauna
  • kitchenette
  • heated floors
  • mechanical ventilation
  • connections for electricity, water and sewage 


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