Support Station Container CL-400

This 10´ unmanned support station was designed  and manufactured as a part of a communications and command system. The container is designed for demanding environmental conditions and transports by car, train and airplane that cause mechanical stress to the structures. The container has advanced ballistic protection integrated to the structure, executed in a way that keeps the weight of the container as low as possible.

The station has ISO standard corner fittings and fork-lift pockets for diverse handling.



Sensor Station CL-500

The sensor station is an equipment shelter with a sturdy steel frame, it is insulated and equipped with ballistic protection (level 2, Stanag 4569). It is divided into operation and equipment compartments with EMP partition. It is equipped with RFI/EMP/EMC and CBRN- protection, automated surveillance, heating, air-conditioning and sprinkler systems as well as camouflage systems.

The station has safe and ergonomically well laid out working area for 3 - 5 people.

Operating conditions:

  • Temperature -40°C - +55°C 
  • Humidity 10....90% 
  • Noise level 55dB(A) operation compartment, 65dB(A) equipment compartment 
  • EMP protection 200kHz - 20GHz (max 55dB) (MIL-STD285)  
  • Automatically controlled system  
  • Cooling capacity 8 + 4kW 
  • Heating capacity 4,5 + 1,5kW

The unit has SFS 4417 standard interchangeable body system, which enables handling with both cable and hook-lift devices. For lifting and handling, it is equipped with ISO standard top and bottom corner fittings.

The station is equipped with a hydraulic telescopic mast system, with a 24 meter hydraulic mast and hydraulic stabilizing feet, which enable steady placement even in rough terrain. Wind speed 20m/s (when the mast is fully operational), 40m/s max.

The station is integrated with equipment laid out by the customer.



Communication Station CL-600

Mobile, insulated, self-sufficient communication station, based on the CL-600 model, that is equipped with active and passive self-protection system. The station is designed to operate even in challenging environmental conditions (-40°C - +40°C), always guaranteeing the personnel working in the station and the operational equipment suitable operational environment.

Communication station is a functional section of a command location that can be placed in terrain and is easily transferrable, and capable of independent operation. It is equipped with management systems devices that enable self-sufficient operations, such as information systems and data communications, as well as other necessary operational equipment.

The communication station has SFS 4417-standard framework, that enables its handling by cable and hook-lift devices. For lifting, it is equipped with ISO standardized corner fittings. Versatile handling possibilities make it fast to move and easily placed in any terrain. Removable guide framework makes it possible to transport the station also in the back of a truck.

Inside the station are warm and air-conditioned working areas for five people. Ballistic protection integrated into the structures offer protection agains firearms, and shrapnel from grenades and ammunition. Additionally, the operating area of the station is protected from CBRN/NBC and EMP threats outside the station.

The station is equipped with an efficient diesel generator, which guarantees its operation in all conditions, regardless of availability of external energy sources. Optionally the station can be equipped with their own summer and winter camouflage systems, that protect the station from thermal radiation, radar radiation and reflections.



Operational Shelter CL-800

The containers are usually designed in accordance with the standards set for cargo containers and are equipped with standardized handling devices (corner fittings  and cable attachments). Where necessary, the container is also equipped with forklift pockets. The containers are equipped with heat insulation suitable for the intended operating environment. As necessary, electrics, lighting, heating, air-conditioning and other necessary “building technologies” can be installed to the containers. This way the containers can be built to very different uses. Additionally the containers can be equipped with splinter protection and NBC, and EMP shielding, as well as automatic fire alarm and sprinkler systems, according to the customer’s needs.

Implemented applications for special containers

  • Operational spaces
  • Communication stations
  • Storage
  • Server hotels
  • Surveillance centers


Communication Station E

Communication station module E is a mobile communication station built in a radio vehicle. The station can connect units both to combat forces battle command network and to combat squads access network. Additionally, the communication station can be used to connect command centers and mobile troops to telecommunication networks and relay their communications forward.


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