Modernization and modification

We modify the program platforms, special vehicles and special containers in your use, so that they are up to date with today's needs concerning functionality and technical characteristics. We offer modifications to our own as well as other manufacturers products. .


Examples of modification

The modernization of infantry vehicles will improve both the performance and the usability.

Thermal camera sights, which are used by the gunner and the commander, will be installed to the vehicle during the modernization. The infrared based night vision gear in the vehicle will be updated to light amplifiers. The vehicles camouflage features will also be improved through the new camouflage system. 

Out of the vehicle command equipment, the internal call system and radios will be updated. At the same time, new connections will be built for modern command systems. Light amplifier and thermal cameras for the driver will be installed to the front and the back of the vehicle.

The vehicle cover will be improved through a camouflage system for moving targets, that reduces visual and heat signatures. With the camouflage system, the tanks detectability from air and ground will be significantly reduced, also against heat seekers. Usability during different seasons will be improved due to the interior heater installed in the vehicle.

The external measurements will be slightly altered as the width of the vehicles  will increase 10 cm from the original width.


Life cycle services

It is important to us that our clients will receive the best possible benefit from our products, throughout their lifespan. We will support our clients with everything that has to do with use and maintenance of our products.

We provide our customers with comprehensive maintenance and spare part services. We also offer an optional maintenance contract, in which case we will take care of maintenance and repairs of the product according to the contract. Regular maintenance work is performed at customer’s premises, our professional staff is also accustomed to working in demanding conditions.


Documentation and user training 

All our deliveries include extensive documentation, with detailed description of the product, as well as user and maintenance instructions. We also offer user training, which is tailored according to the needs of the client and the product itself. If necessary, we can arrange additional and supplementary training for operating staff.


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