Library Vehicles

Since 1983, we have delivered over hundred traditional library vehicles build on the chassis of a bus to Finland and other Nordic countries.

Second generation library vehicles are implemented on a standard bus chassis.

New third generation library vehicle concept 

New third generation library vehicle concept is based on the combination of a standard truck chassis and modern element body. The standard cab guarantees ergonomic and comfortable working environment, and the element body energy efficient and versatile space solution. The chassis and body can be switched out separately, taking into account an economic updating schedule.

Library area, with a level floor and straight walls, allow various interior solutions for different uses. Skirt boxes offer multiple storage, transport and accessory compartments. The electrical, energy system, heating and air-conditioning functions of the library section and the chassis are separate.

The cab and library area are connected by a door. At the back of the cab, there’s room for a fridge, microwave oven and a coffee maker. A seat for a third passenger can be installed in the cab.

The vehicle can be equipped to suit different purposes, therefore instead of a library vehicle, one could call it a multipurpose vehicle. The first new models were delivered in 2012.


Multipurpose Vehicle

The size of municipalities is growing and services in sparsely populated area are withering, while age structure in those areas is getting more aged. In order to guarantee the same services to everyone, the options are transporting the elderly closer to services, or putting the services on wheels.

With our multipurpose vehicle we offer a new kind of solution for bringing necessary services closer to people. The main compartment has plenty of space for offering various services, interior measurements are: length 9,4 meters, width 2,4 meters and height 2,2 meters.

Vehicle’s lower cases offer plenty of transport and storage space. These boxes also house necessary equipment, such as air-conditioning and power generation equipment.

The cabin and the main compartment are connected by a door. The cabin can be, if necessary be equipped with additional seats, or even with a kitchenette. The vehicle can be equipped for specific uses, thanks to the spacious, level floored main compartment.

Possible uses include: library, store, laboratory, dental clinic, medical services, sales, horse transport, etc. 


Reconnaissance Vehicle Spider

CBRN/NBC reconnaissance vehicle was built on the chassis of Mercedes-Benz Vario. The vehicle’s main task is to ascertain suspected chemical, radiation or biological pollution. The vehicle is equipped with facilities that are suitable for control, surveillance and research.

The special vehicle is designed and equipped to function in very demanding environmental conditions 

  • Operating temperature range -40°C... +50°C, humidity range 10...90%.
  • Ventilation system: cooling capacity 3 - kW, heating capacity 5 kW
  • Electrical system 230 VAC 1 stage, 50Hz
  • Integrated generator
  • NBC protection in the operating area and cabin
  • CBRN sampling equipment and sample handling equipment




Eye Clinic

The mobile eye research unit was designed and manufactured for Oulu University Hospital. Eye fundus scanning and image analysis, field of vision exams and intraocular pressure measurements are carried out in the mobile unit.

The trailer functions as a working space for two researchers and as waiting/examination area for 1 - 4 customers at a time. The trailer is easily transported from place to place. It can be pulled with a truck or SUV with a towing capacity of 3500 kg.

In the design of the trailer, comfortable, safe and ergonomic working environment for both staff and customers was especially emphasized. The trailer is equipped with, for example, an air-conditioning equipment, that can be adjusted separately from both compartments. Heating is implemented using central water heating, which can be operated using electricity or gas, it also has an air heat pump. Video surveillance and alarm systems are installed in the trailer, it also has a rear view camera to assist the driver when towing the trailer.


Irrigation Vehicle

In an underground mine, the bottom of the tunnel is washed clean of loose rocks and sand prior to coating the walls and roof with cement. The vehicle is equipped with high and low pressure systems, remote controlled water cannon and high pressure washer. 


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