Conlog Oy to collaborate with Lubawa SA

Conlog Oy has signed a collaboration agreement with a Polish company, Lubawa SA. With this agreement, Conlog will become the importer and retailer of Lubawa products in Finland, and in the regions of Scandinavia and Northern Russia.

Lubawa SA was founded in 1951, and it is the biggest manufacturer of ballistic protection equipment in Poland. Other products Lubawa manufactures, include pneumatic tents, military, rescue and security products, and coated materials. The collaboration agreement between the companies includes all Lubawas product categories.

This collaboration agreement strengthens the position of Conlog Oy as a supplier of system platforms and special containers. The agreement also makes Conlog Oy a comprehensive supplier by expanding their product selection significantly.

Pictured on the left is Lubawa SA’s Marcin Kubica, and on the right Conlog Oy CEO Jouko Koski.


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