EKT M. Vähämaa Oy is merging with Conlog Oy

EKT M. Vähämaa Oy (business ID 1906218-0) will merge with parent company Conlog Oy (business ID 2029239-7) on 30.6.2015, when EKT M. Vähämaa Oy’s businesses, along with their assets and liabilities are transferred to Conlog Oy. The whole group’s operations are focused to Conlog Oy.

The arrangement has no effect on our customer and collaborative relationships, operations will continue without a break by Conlog Oy. This arrangement aims to further improve our level of service by centralizing operations to a single nationwide company.

The transferred business operation’s contractual liabilities with all rights and obligations are transferred as such to Conlog Oy, starting from 1.7.2015. This announcement doesn’t require any action on behalf of our customers and partners.  

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