Conlog Oy was founded in 1990. Conlog Group is comprised of Conlog Oy and Oy Morehouse Ltd. Since 2007, EKT M. Vähämaa Oy has also been part of the company. In July 2015, EKT M. Vähämaa Oy merged with Conlog Oy. 

During its over three decades of history, EKT M. Vähämaa Oy has focused on manufacturing special containers and vehicles in close cooperation with different branches of Finnish Defence Forces. The main products are moving and portable solutions that require individual design and execution. Examples of these products are: emergency care units, communications, fire control and command trolleys, repair trolleys for electronics and electrical equipment, and standby storage containers for different supplies.

Oy Morehouse Ltd was founded in 1995. The company specializes in manufacturing special containers and specialized spaces. Morehouse manufactures custom ordered challenging container solutions for companies, rescue services and military forces. 






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